Twitter is in general first with important news directly from the source. Add macro FX traders, financial news sources and similar and you will have a great tool at hand providing both news when they happen and analysis of macro forex opportunties. Don’t forget to add regular news sources as well as they might be first with important events from around the world, such as war and the like.

When you have used Twitter for a while you will get persons and companies suggested that you can follow, which will further expand your insight and reach of news and analysis as they break.

Remember that you can follow on twitter as well:


Who should I follow on Twitter if I’m trading forex and want tips

Here are some Twitter accounts that you can follow for Forex trading tips:

  1. @macrofxtrader_c
  2. @ForexLive
  3. @ForexTradingRoom
  4. @FXstreet
  5. @DailyFX
  6. @ForexFactory
  7. @FXTraderPaul
  8. @NenadKerkez
  9. @ForexMacro
  10. @jarrattdavis

Note: These are popular Twitter accounts, but it’s important to also do your own research and consult multiple sources before making any investment decisions.

Who should I follow on Twitter to get breaking macro news first?

Here are some Twitter accounts that you may consider following for breaking macro news:

  1. @Bloomberg
  2. @Reuters
  3. @CNBC
  4. @FinancialTimes
  5. @BBCBreaking
  6. @TheEconomist
  7. @WSJ
  8. @ABC
  9. @NBCNews
  10. @CNN

Note: These are well-established news sources, but it’s important to verify information and consult multiple sources before making any decisions based on news obtained from Twitter.

Why is it good to get news from Twitter?

Twitter is a great source for news because:

  1. Real-time updates: Twitter provides real-time updates on news and events as they happen.
  2. Wide coverage: Twitter is a global platform with a large user base, giving you access to a diverse range of news and perspectives.
  3. Breaking news: Twitter is often one of the first places where breaking news is reported.
  4. Access to experts: Twitter allows you to follow experts in various fields, giving you direct access to their insights and opinions.
  5. Live events: Twitter provides a live feed during major events, giving you real-time updates and information from multiple sources.

Note: It’s important to verify the accuracy of news obtained from Twitter, as not all sources are reliable.

Are there anything to be careful of on Twitter?

Yes, here are some things to be cautious of on Twitter:

  1. Misinformation: Not all information on Twitter is accurate, so it’s important to verify information before taking any actions based on it.
  2. Trolls and bots: There are many trolls and bots on Twitter that spread false information and engage in harmful behavior.
  3. Sensitive content: Twitter contains sensitive and potentially offensive content, including hate speech and graphic images.
  4. Privacy concerns: Twitter collects and uses personal data, which could be misused or leaked.
  5. Addiction: Twitter can be addictive, causing users to spend too much time on the platform and neglect other important activities.
  6. Echo chambers: Twitter algorithms can reinforce your existing beliefs and opinions, creating an echo chamber that limits your exposure to diverse perspectives.

Note: It’s important to use Twitter responsibly and be aware of these potential risks in order to have a safe and positive experience on the platform.

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