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What does trading Forex on Macro events mean?

As our name,, indicates we priamarely trade Forex on macro events. But what does that mean. Let’s dig into it.

Forex macro trading refers to a style of foreign exchange (FX) trading that analyzes and trades based on macroeconomic events, trends, and data releases. It looks at the big picture of the economy and uses this information to make FX trades, rather than relying on technical analysis or short-term market movements.

In Forex macro trading, traders consider factors such as interest rates, inflation, gross domestic product (GDP), and political events, to determine the overall direction of a currency. Macro traders use this information to make longer-term trades and to trade currency pairs that are likely to be affected by the macroeconomic event in question. This type of trading is often considered to be a more strategic and less reactive approach to FX trading. It is a more fundamental approach to trading as it tries to capture broad market trends, as opposed to short-term price movements.

As this is the general approach to macro trading Forex we do it most often a bit different from that. We do that in that sense that we usually hold positions for a very short time instead of in longer periods.

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